stray heart.
Natalie, wasting oxygen since 1993. Full time chewing gum addict.
If you like Green Day, BMTH, PTV and sarcasm we can be best friends.
Lyrics for Lazy Bones are pretty much about what is going on in my head.
Sometimes I bite.
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so this is actually my headcanon for what dean’s expression would be after cas kisses him


no but


dean’s so emotionally constipated, it takes him ages to finally spit out the words “i love you”

and cas just smiles and says “i know” and kisses him

and dean makes that face and murmurs “dude just han solo’d me”

WAsn’t gonna reblog but… HAN SOLO’D ME. DEAD.

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When you and you’re friend are trying to do something cool to impress someone and they fuck up


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"We finish each other s-"
"Pop culture references!"
continuation (kind of)
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